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NEWS 27.10.2017

Wir haben bald ein sehr erfreuliches Ereignis zu verkünden :-)

News 24.05.2016

Es hat sich eine Menge getan!
Am 10.06.2016 wird unser Debüt Album „New Blood Old Chapter“ über SOULFOOD veröffentlicht! 
Nach einigen Konzerten der letzten Wochen, haben wir nun noch ein paar aktuelle Daten für Euch parat. 

28.05.2016 Altstadtfest Hattingen 
02.06.2016 Don´t Panic Room Essen Support KAMIKAZE KINGS 
18.06.2016 Coburg Support DRAWN IN GRACE 
25.06.2016 Bikers Treff Lünen 


News, 29.03.2016


Wir sind stolz verkünden zu dürfen, dass wir ab jetzt zur EAM Familie gehören!

We are proud to be a part of the EAM family!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome 3 new bands to our Roster today: LONEWOLF , THE DUSKFALL and ADLIGATE
The bands have signed Booking Contracts with Agentur EAM.
Welcome on board guys and get ready to hit the road!

LONEWOLF started their Heavy Metal crusade in 1992 in Grenoble, France. After "The Calling" demo tape (1994) and the already legendary 7" single "Holy Evil" (1996). The band split up, to return in the year 2000, stronger than ever before. The same year the band released debut album "March Into The Arena". Four album releases later “The Dark Crusade” was recorded in summer of 2009; produced by Bart Gabriel and mixed by the legendary Grammy nominated King Diamond guitarist, Andy LaRocque. Lonewolf's 6th album "The Fourth And Final Horseman" was released June 2013 by Napalm records and the band goes on the road again, playing festivals and gigs in Germany, Spain, Greece and France. Their latest album “Cult of Steel was released October 2014.

With a new album in the making make sure to catch them live this year!

The Duskfall is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Luleå, Sweden, formed in 1999. The band released four full-length studio albums and, shortly afterwards,the band split (2008) and reformed in 2014.
Since then they have released their fifth album with Apostasy Records “Where The Tree Stands Dead” produced by Ahti Kortelainen (Sonata Arctica, Moonsorrow, Sentenced).
The Duskfall is back so spread the word friends and foes!

In the year 2007 ADLIGATE was born and the purpose was: groovin’ and kickin’ ass! After several lineup changes there was a big turning point in 2014: From a more metal-like band ADLIGATE was turning into a grooving monster with cool riffs with the most ass kickin’ new members you can imagine. The first record of ADLIGATE is born: New Blood, Old Chapters.

Make sure to check them out!


Unser Lyrics Video vom Song "ADHS" ist online!


Wir sind erfreut Euch unser neues Album "New Blood Old Chapter" zu präsentieren.

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